Party Down

by HUB

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maxmoore Confluence of words and music Favorite track: attitude adjustment.
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the latest HUB album was over 50 years in the making. It is finally ready for your listening pleasure.


released January 1, 2017

written, played, recorded, and mixed by jh moore
mastered by scott hull at masterdisk
'natural' written by gang of four
lead guitar on 'mexico' by cm harford


all rights reserved



HUB New York

Hub Moore has been playing music for quite a while. He learned 'Here comes the sun' in 5th grade, sang 'Me and Mrs. Jones' at a karaoke bar in 2016, and did a lot of other things in between.
Party Down is the 3rd release as HUB.
It comes a number of years after his 2nd one; years spent working tirelessly on the 3rd one. Hope you like it. Hub lives in Brooklyn NY.
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Track Name: national anthem
she knows it's impossible to change
when the tide's going in the wrong direction
living in the 21st century you need more than good intentions

she skips the national anthem
sits down when everyone's standing
doesn't want to hear it all again
in her room she's flipping through stations
promises and invitations
having a hard time believing

red is the color of desire, lipstick, liquor, chevrolet
blue is the icy aftershave
white is the stain all washed away

in her room she pledges allegiance
to the stars glued to the ceiling
having a hard time believing

and if you have a choice at all
you're either with me or against me
or just put a smiley face on and wait til it's over

she skips the national anthem
sits down when everyone's standing
doesn't want to go through this again
in her room she's flipping through stations
fanfare and congratulations
having a hard time believing
Track Name: start from the beginning
a ray of hope a brilliant scheme
a cloud of smoke a silent scream
the plot thickens as old glory flies
start from the beginning tell me what you've seen

you've got your hands full -an alibi
brain washed and tumbled dry
you're in deeper than you thought you could be
right from the beginning one step at a time

wet lips on magazines
laugh tracks in violent dreams
if you've seen this one before, start from the beginning
tell me what it means

beat the clock pop a pill
buy it back better still
you're going to crack and let the story spill
you've got to do something if the man tells you you're ill

lay down close my eyes and wait for my reward
it'll all be coming to me like it always did before
wake up open your eyes still wanting something more
praying on your pillow will not save you anymore
will not cure your ailing health
will not save you from yourself

bad news on your tongue
black cloud in your lung
killer smile -a million to one
you'll be the last to know it when your deal is done

lite beer and gasoline, best keep your engine clean
if you've heard this one before before, start from the beginning
tell me what it means
Track Name: attitude adjustment
you changed your name and fixed your face
it didn't help you like you thought it would
attitiude adjustment might do some good

moved back east to start anew
I bet you left an unpaid bill or two
details can get fuzzy, what's a girl to do?

you've got guts and you've got nerve
you've got a fastball and a curve
someday you are sure to get everything that you deserve

you love the ones who treat you bad
abuse the ones who say around
talking tough, you always end up breaking down

I don't want to see you anymore
after everything you put me through
go where you want to go, I don't want to know you

everything I gave you was for free
I thought that someday you would see
but you never did...try for me

it's alright, I don't mind
it's just disappointment, nothing new
go on, suit yourself I don't want to know you

I don't want to see you anymore
after everything you put me through
do what you want to do, I don't want to know you
Track Name: zoe's trying to sleep
zoe's trying to sleep and I'm still on the phone
trying to straighten out my screwed up student loan
zoe's trying to sleep she's back at work at six
the daytime job's ok but the nighttime one's a bitch

zoe's trying to sleep but just before she falls
a subway train train goes by rattling the walls
she just needs a break to rest her aching hands
I turn the tv down, try to understand

I just want to lay my head down beside her
whisper in her ear to remind her
when the weekend comes and the sky is blue
we'll go walking downtown -I know she want to

zoe made a move she left her mother's home
since she was 17 she's been out on her own
she found us this place, she scoured the classifieds
for the things she wants I can't believe how hard she tries

zoe's trying to sleep, tomorrow's a long day
but she'll be up at 7 getting ready anyway
our schedules are off I haven't seen her much this week
I crawl in bed beside her and I feel like making love
but zoe's trying to sleep
Track Name: conchita's revenge
woke up to the sound of dripping rain thinking about you again
are you out there watching? creeping like a vine up the side of the building
climbing higher til your eyes see through the windowpane

if I were to venture out today -walk through the park in the usual way
would you be there waiting? in a tattered trench coat and a strange grin
by the lamppost, with a policeman just ten feet away

no matter how I try not a day goes by
when I don't picture you and count the ways to say goodbye
conchita's revenge

as I was planning my escape speaking in code with a made up name
just in case you were listening to the conversation over the phone line
or through the wall
my departure time could still be changed

at least a thousand times up here in my mind
I've seen that building fall down to the ground with you inside
conchita's revenge

woke up to the sound of dripping rain thinking about you again
Track Name: a better memory
we were like two shipwrecked passengers
with only each other to hold
at first it seemed like paradise but when the water started to rise
we should have got off before we got swallowed up by the sea
it makes a better memory

smooth, cool, and white like ivory
who wouldn't want to touch?
I thought I had you to myself, don't want to share you with somebody else
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
-ain't that the way that it's supposed to be?
it makes a better memory

loved you the best I could but it still didn't do much good
let's just say it was not meant to be
it makes a better memory

we were heading straight into the milky way
with one lazy eye on the road
you were playing with my head -can't believe the things that you did
I should have called it off before the car hit the tree

loved you the best I could but it still didn't do much good
let's just say you were not meant for me
it makes a better memory
Track Name: just south of mexico
she was traveling alone by choice, she said
looking quite unusual with a scarf wrapped around her head
she said there were a lot of places she would like to go
she heard the coast was beautiful just south of mexico

she had lost her brother back in 2005
she said he truly was better off dead than alive
once the drugs got to him they would not let him go
until his heart stopped beating just south of mexico

is this a flight of fancy or a journey of the soul?
is she a fugitive from justice or an angel flying low?
so much more I wanted to ask her but she said she had to go
and so I may try my luck just south of mexico
Track Name: I knew this day would come
I knew this day would come when you'd be checking out
-out of hotel flesh and blood, once the happy hours ran out
so there could be no doubt, we saw the passing of a swan
it flew across that reflecting pool -when we looked back at you,
you were gone

you already said 'so long' and moved down to the sunshine state
a premature retirement, a folding of the hand of fate
by then it was too late you had solidified your plan
with a marriage of convenience, though not really to a man

it was not to a man that you were wedded on that day
it was to his unspoken vow to always look the other way

I knew this day would come when I would get the call
that the final domino was just about to fall
and when it hit the ground it barely made a sound
just a blink and a groan in a hospital gown

I couldn't hold you up so I had to let you down
but now that it's all over I find myself wishing you were still around
if you were still around I'd still be your long lost son
wishing and praying for an ending other than this one
I knew this day would come
Track Name: word travels fast
a diamond is forever, it's your ticket to the stars
can you see yourself in the shine?
and because you're worth it, why not ask for more?
there has never been a better time

everybody wants you everybody loves you
but the names and the faces keep changing places
the future is past, first could be last -word travels fast in this town

oh what a feeling, it's the real thing
and it's everywhere you want to be
you've come a long way baby and all this could be yours
for just a dollar and a dream

everybody wants you everybody loves you
I want to believe that we all shall receive
if the deal of a lifetime comes around
future is passed first could be last -word travel fast in this town

everybody loves you
Track Name: h*ppy end*ng

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